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  • What is Startup City?

    The new online platform delivering the free and easy way into the local innovation startup scene. Sophisticated capital investors, promising technology startups and science-driven companies join and create their professional StartupCity profiles in order to connect to great new business opportunities, never been so available before.

  • Why should I create a profile?

    Your professional StartupCity profile is the heart of the system, with it you can be matched automatically and directly with those who share the same business interest like you. No matter if you are a startup founder, an investor or anyone else, with a fully completed and updated profile your chances to match are better and greater.

  • Who is behind the information?

    All information is generated from our users. We do not modify it. We publish the profiles, just as their owners wrote them.

  • How often do you update the site?

    It is updated everyday. However, we don't update the information ourselves. Our StartupCity members do it, for their own business purpose. We do not re-confirm or take responsibility over the profile information. In case you've come across information which may be incorrect or mistaken, please be kind to report about it to us at Much appreciated!

  • Do I have to pay for using the service?

    No at all. It's all free. StartupCity is a public service designed to encourage the tech industry here to connect with each other and thrive.

  • Is information private?

    All Contact details our members share are kept confidential and cannot be viewed without your permission. Other information is either public on the internet or created by the member in order to be published.

  • Can I edit my profile and update my status?

    Sure thing! just log into your account on the top right corner, and edit your information: add photos, funding rounds, tags, team members ... anything that can make your StartupCity profile more professionally attractive.

  • How does the Connect option functions?

    The Connect option is only open to registered members and done via disclosed email intro. If both side confirm, the system will match and reveal contact information. You will have to take it from there, and explore business opportunities together.

  • What should I add to "My list"?

    My List is a tracking tool that allows you to easily follow companies and people that you've marked with a star "*". Any update and news will then land directly in your Inbox.

  • Do I have to check here everyday for new opportunities?

    You can, but you don't have to. Visiting daily, you'll see all the trending topics, what people mostly search for, new information recently uploaded, fresh news from around the web and more. Yet, we will compile and send you automatic emails from time to time, when find matches that are relevant to your business and opportunities you seek to explore.


No matter if you're looking for startup deal flow, funding or new business, we can help you get connected.