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CMC Corporation

Ha Noi, Vietnam
CMC is one of the leading technology groups in Vietnam with 23 years of establishment and development. Being organized following the model of parent-member Company with 10 members operating throughout Vietnam and many countries in the world, CMC has confirmed its position in domestic market and moved to regional and international markets through key business activities such as: system integration, software service, telecommunication-Internet, Production and distribution of ICT products and e-trade. In Vietnam, CMC Group is known as a prestigious and reliable partner in IT projects related to government, education, tax, customs, insurance, electricity, banking, finance... Consistent to the direction of considering ICT as the key capacity, CMC has built up and developed a professional working environment for nearly 2000 employees and gained many considerable achievements in production and business activities. For many continuous years, CMC has managed to keep the high growth rate and it is estimated that the growth rate will continue increasing strongly in coming years. CMC has the strategy to continue investments and development in the key ICT business sectors and expand business to European, American and Japan markets to become the leading ICT groups with competitive capacity in the regional and international markets.


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