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Design Bold

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Ha Noi, Vietnam
Design is a huge and potential market. However, there has been so much pain for both designers and their clients. For designers, it's hard to get access to a big audience without having to pay a huge amount of money for advertisements. For clients, the hassle of recruiting or hiring, communicating ideas and requirements, budgeting for the projects and timing have always been the pain points. Well, DesignBold plan to change that! Founded in September 2015 by Hung Dinh, the man behind one of the biggest Joomla templates marketplaces in the world, first thing we do is build the best tool possible. DesignBold empowers users to get access to thousands of nicely-designed ready-made templates. Our users are just some clicks away from a great looking presentations, Facebook ads, or banners, and so many more. Our next milestone is become a platform where designers and anyone who loves and has designing skills contribute their works and benefit from passive income generated from their designs; and users can search and use the templates they like in less than no time and tell their own stories in the most intuitive way within the shortest time span.

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Hung Dinh Hung Dinh
Angel investor

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