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BonAngels Venture Partners

Education & Knowledge Technologies

Seoul, South Korea
Founded by BG Chang in 2006, built up a corporate body in 2010, BonAngels Venture Partners (CEO Simon SeokHeun Kang and Inae Song) is arguably the first early-stage venture capital of significance in Korea. Over the past 10 years, BonAngels have invested in more than 120 start-ups in the fields of IT/Tech (mobile, SW, game), as well as O2O, Education, Fintech and etc. We have our expertise in IT, but are interested in start-up teams that push the edge of what’s possible in every industry. Recently we’re expanding our investments into Japan, Southeast Asia and India where huge growth potential resides. In 2013, BonAngels successfully launched the Pacemaker Fund I (size: $22 million), collective private investments from previous generation entrepreneurs, for the first time in Korea. Even now, BonAngels is actively leading the investments on early-stage startups with the Pacemaker Fund II (size: $30 million, launched in 2015). We’ve built Partner teams with the background of entrepreneurs to provide portfolio startups practical support on the road to success.

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