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Digital Health & Medical Technologies

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
mediThank is an application that is available worldwide and in multi-languages. mediThank allows users to store medical records, get access to one's medical data online every time, which will be helpful in case of emergency support. mediThank offers different payable packages on a yearly basis, upon 1 trial month of use. mediThank's Worldwide Medical Records now has developed two versions: - English version: - Vietnamese version: that are presented on PC (Laptop, desktop), tablet & mobile interface completely. Our priority is to develop mediThank's PC/Tablet interface first because Doctors/Medical Centers/SOS Depts will use their PC/Tablet to search and refer member's medical data via their Working Account. Besides, mediThank Apps (IOS & Android) are developing and we have the plan to launch in the year 2017.

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